How Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Repairs Differ

June 7, 2016

The hot Georgia summer may be ending soon, but there are still several weeks of warm weather left this year. This means that homes and businesses need to stay on top of their AC units, lest some dangerously hot temperatures make their way indoors and bake everyone inside. Air conditioning isn’t just about staying cool and comfortable, after all—it keeps your body temperature below life-threatening levels.

But there are some distinct differences between commercial and residential AC repair, even if the goal is the same. Technicians require separate training and experience to install and repair them, depending on the type of property they are servicing. Here is what we want you to know.

The Systems Differ

First of all, the types of AC machines in commercial and residential properties are usually very different. Commercial AC components—the evaporator coil, condenser, blower, fan, etc.—are usually contained in one cabinet.

Residential systems, though, use a split system, in which the condenser and compressor are located in an outdoor AC unit but the evaporator and blower are inside the house alongside the duct system. This means that certain noticeable problems with your air conditioner need to be addressed in different areas in order to fix them, depending on the type of property where the AC is installed.

They Are Located Differently

Typically, businesses have their ACs installed on the roof. They do this for a few reasons: to conserve space indoors, to prevent vandalism or other public disturbances with the machine, to prevent noise, and to improve the appearance of the facade.

Homes, meanwhile, do not have the same problems or limitations, so they will usually install the outdoor unit on the ground–usually outside the garage or in another area that guests do not see. This means that repair experts must access and repair them differently. Residential AC repair in Alpharetta is actually easier in this sense because a technician can easily park near the property’s external unit.

Commercial Units Are Modular

Commercial air conditioning systems usually come in modular setups that allow for easy shipment, installation, and additions or adjustments. This is to suit growing businesses and allow them to adjust for their cooling needs, which can change as a business grows or their customer/client load increases.

Residential systems, though, are single units that require separately purchased upgrades or replacements. If you need upgrades or residential AC repair, a technician with different training and skills is needed. However, we want to assure you that many AC repair companies in the area have the expertise to handle any type of AC on nearly any type of property.