5 Essential Maintenance Tips for Residential Air Conditioning

December 27, 2016

 The best way to make sure your air conditioning unit stays in good working order is to regularly clean and maintain the unit, which is important because an efficient air conditioner uses less energy to work and ends up costing you less money. You’ll also minimize the amount of repairs you’ll need over time, so you’ll save more money that way. Here are 5 types of maintenance we believe are important to keeping your air conditioner working well, and remember to turn off the power before you start any kind of work.

Clear Around the Unit

A radius of 2 feet around your air conditioning unit is a good space to keep clean. Remove any plants that are growing there, and rake back any leaves or debris. This will help air flow freely from your unit.

Check the Fins

You can hose the fins from the inside out to remove built-up gunk. If it’s too dirty, there are fin cleaning sprays to take care of bad buildups. You won’t be able to use a pressure washer, since that can damage the fins. Speaking of which, while you are working on the fins, straighten them with a butter knife as another way to improve your air flow.

Level the Unit

Another thing to straighten is your unit itself. When soil settles, a condenser can shift with it. That means that you’ll need to level it with rot-resistant shims to prevent the unit from becoming damaged.

Clean Everything

Since an efficient unit must be clean, this part of the process deserves some attention. Of course you should move any debris you find inside the fan cage or anywhere else in your unit. You should also clean the evaporator coil with commercial cleaner and unplug your evaporator drain if necessary.

Change the Filter

One necessary step to ensuring that your unit runs well is to regularly change your filter. A dirty filter, besides being less energy-efficient, can also trigger allergies and other respiratory difficulties.